Accessible Anytime…

While the average data consumer may be at their desk a lot, they certainly aren’t there all the time. SplashBI understands the importance of being able to access your data anytime, anywhere to ensure the most up to date and accurate decisions are made.






Tablet and Smart Phone

Did you know more people now access data and information on their mobile devices than on computers? Business Intelligence is no different! SplashBI has developed mobile applications for both Android and Apple that provide access to run and distribute your reports and dashboards.

Excel Front-End

For most users, no matter where their data starts, it typically ends up in Microsoft Excel. SplashBI’s solution is unique among its business intelligence counterparts, as it provides a starting point in Excel, allowing users to cut out the middle man.

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SplashBI is a web-based application, and requires no installation on users’ machines. This means users can access SplashBI on any browser, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and more.