Up your financial reporting game!

From the CFO to the Controller, and even down to the accountants and analysts, getting accurate, real-time data is crucial to all financial activities, but is still only half the picture. Once you have data, what you do with it is key to making a proper decision.

SplashBI provides the analytical platform to take that data and then drill down, consolidate, and slice-and-dice! With SplashBI, accountants can easily ad hoc reports without going to IT, which means when management needs answers, getting the data is never far behind!

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Closing the Books in Record Time

Financial users know one of the most tedious and time-consuming processes they face is month-end close. SplashBI is designed to make that process easier, faster, and more accurate by providing access to real-time reporting with many time-saving features, including:

  • Ad hoc reports when you need it without IT help
  • Use Microsoft Excel as your front-end
  • Refresh Reports in Excel and retain all formats
  • Real time drill downs into deeper data
  • Create brand new reports when you need them

Start & Finish in Excel!

Excel Connect empowers financial users to be the masters of their own reporting. Gone are the days of repetitive exports every time data needs to be refreshed! Just refresh your report with Excel Connect and the tool does the hard work for you. Your spreadsheet will retain all formats, formulas, charts and pivots, but with your new month’s data!

Ad Hoc Reports

Make changes to your reports without the help of IT! Easily add and remove columns, modify parameters and filters, build and change pivot tables, plus more… Now the power of reporting is in the hands of the users!

Drill Downs

Get additional insight into your data without having to run additional reports or go into other systems! Drill downs can also be modified and new ones created, so you aren’t limited with your data insight.

Scheduling and Distribution

Automate your reports and save time and effort! SplashBI’s Excel Connect lets you setup your reports to run at a specific date and time, or have them run at a recurring interval. You can even have them distribute automatically to a specific person, or group of people once the report completes.

Refresh your Reports

No need to recreate the wheel every time you need to pull in new data. Excel Connect lets you pull in data as often as you need, and retains all of your formats, pivots, charts, formulas, and more! This can take reporting from hours down to minutes!

Create New Reports

Does the report you need not exist? Don’t waste time waiting for IT to build it, do it yourself! Simply select your data source, columns, add a few parameters (and any other number of additional elements), and you are up and running!

Consolidate Reporting

Centralizing your reports can save time and effort, and SplashBI is just the tool for the job. From Excel, you can run reports from various sources, and even create reports combining that data, meaning less manual work and reduced chance of human error.