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Author: Bhawan Mathur, Regional Sales Manager

Bhawan is the Regional Sales Manager for EiS Technologies. He helps clients put together creative business process solutions to improve their Operational efficiency using Oracle technologies. Enabled by a deep knowledge base and strong expertise in Oracle Applications and industry best practices, he helps clients achieve their goals through EiS Professional Service & Solutions. As an Oracle Cloud certified specialist, he focuses on leveraging Oracle Cloud & On Premise Applications to fit any business requirement, meet any strategic objective, and exceed any client expectation. To learn more about Bhawan and EiS Technologies, email him directly at


The evolution of business systems and data have really changed how people approach business intelligence and analytics today. Meaningful and valuable data no longer just comes from a single application, nor is it solely managed by IT. Organizations now have applications in the cloud that they subscribe to one day then switch off the next. Other sources of data, such as on premise legacy systems and ERP Systems, are pushing data volumes and velocity at a much greater scale, playing a big part in…

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