Compatibility Doomsday- Discoverer Migration And JAVA

It’s a perfect storm… If you are like most Organizations still using Oracle Discoverer, you probably also run Microsoft products as well as Java. Did you know that these two can cause your Discoverer tool to error and crash?

As you upgrade Windows, Excel, Outlook, etc., Discoverer becomes more incompatible, and you risk your reporting infrastructure. As Microsoft releases newer versions ( Windows and Office), they are moving away from Java as part of the software. Customers already are finding with Windows 7 and Office, they are experiencing issues in exporting from Discoverer from Excel. In Windows 10, Discoverer Desktop & Discoverer Administrator will, at best, have serious issues, but more likely, will not work at all.

Additionally, as you upgrade ANYTHING in Oracle, it will require you to upgrade your Java version to ensure security is maintained. Unfortunately, Discoverer’s required Java version has been desupported for years, which means in the future, when you upgrade Oracle, there is a potential that Discoverer will become incompatible with any Oracle Database (or other software!).

Join our webinar as we discuss what potential issues might be encountered should you stay on on Discoverer, while running Microsoft, Java, and Oracle, as well as how you can mitigate these risks with the SplashBI platform.