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Where did that sale come from? What is happening with the leads that marketing generates once they are handed to the sales team? What if your business focuses on the wrong initiatives? There's a loop between marketing, sales, and revenue. You can market all you want, but if marketing doesn't generate any revenue, what good will it do for your business? To see if your ideas and initiatives are working--and how to continually improve them, you need to mash-up data across multiple departments.

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Closing the Loop

Closed-loop marketing comes from closed-loop reporting, which provides data and insights to the sales and marketing team. In other words, the marketing team tells the sales team, “Here are those leads you asked for.” Some became customers, others were not the best of leads. Working together to understand which leads worked and why with closed-loop reporting will give both sales and marketing more insight into the marketing initiative.

SplashBI’s Closed-Loop Reporting

With SplashBI, you can connect to your various systems (i.e. Pardot, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Quickbooks, etc.). Connecting to the different data is great, but how do you report off all of them? Using the Data Mash-up feature in SplashBI, you can drag and drop the various fields from each disparate system into a single report or dashboard. Doing so will allow you to track a prospect through initial entry, it’s nurturing phase, and ending with the revenue generated from the closed deal.


With this type of reporting, you are forced to create a strong bridge between the marketing and sales teams.


Both sales and marketing can look at influential marketing campaigns and the actions that led to opportunities/customers!


Better ROI insight into campaigns that marketing and sales teams are pursuing.

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