Self-Service BI

An ideal reporting solution should do more than just solve your pain points. It should provide resolution to pain points you NEVER KNEW you had! SplashBI’s Reporting Solution comes from a pedigree of more than 15 years of innovative, intuitive self-service reporting tools and continues to be a leader in the industry.



Cross App

Become More Efficient with your Data.

SplashBI puts the power of effective self-service reporting in the hands of those that need it the most! Easily create new reports, either from scratch or from pre-built content with an easy to navigate step-by-step menu. Missing columns in your report? No problem! Drag and Drop the missing column and continue with your work. No need to pull in IT or request a modification from development. Use Excel as your front-end and easily refresh your reports and retain all your formats and formulas!

For Users, By Users.

SplashBI understands the needs of users, as much of our team is made up of users. From getting data live and in real-time, to using Microsoft Excel as a front-end, and even the ability to ad hoc without help from IT, SplashBI has the features and functionalities that make users more efficient at their jobs.

Ad Hoc

Make changes to your reports without the help of IT! Easily add and remove columns, modify parameters and filters, build and change pivot tables, plus more… Now the power of reporting is in the hands of the users!

Multiple Output Formats

SplashBI offers many different output types for your reports, including Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML, and more. Getting your data in the format you need has never been simpler.

Data Mashup

Many times, the data you need is sitting in two or more different places. With SplashBI, you don’t have to worry about that. Take data from multiple sources, and combine it into a single report in SplashBI. This eliminates manual effort and reduces the chance of errors.

Pixel Perfect Reporting

Create your own report layouts and produce highly formatted printable outputs (like invoices and purchase orders) with pixel perfect reporting in SplashBI.

Summary Pivots

Create pre-defined pivot formats in your reports to summarize, analyze and present summary data. Further enhance by adding visualizations to summary data thru Pivot graphs.

Scheduling and Distribution

Automate your reports and save time and effort! SplashBI lets you setup your reports to run at a specific date and time, or have them run at a recurring interval. You can even have them distribute automatically to a specific person, or group of people once the report completes.

Multi-Level Drill Downs

Get additional insight into your data without having to run additional reports or go into other systems! Drill downs can also be modified and new ones created, so you aren’t limited with your data insight.


SplashBI supports more than 100 different data sources, including major sales and marketing platforms, ERPs, Cloud-based systems, Databases, and even Excel and Access. See more on our connectors page.

Access Anywhere

With no desktop dependencies, access to your data has never been easier. SplashBI is accessible on your browser, smartphone, tablet, and even directly in Microsoft Excel.

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