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Financial Reporting That Doesn't Suck

Oracle Cloud is the world leading ERP software for large enterprises and is here to stay. For such a great product in Finance and Accounting it requires supporting software that can do Financial Reporting.

Now a days, there are not many options for Finance and Accounting when it comes to 3rd party solutions for Oracle Cloud. Oracle Cloud is a new technology causing 3rd parties to become obsolete, bought out by other enterprises or bankrupt. Who suffers from all this? THE USER.

One can argue that EPM, Financial Reporting Studio, SmartView, OTBI, OBIP may solve everything for finance and accounting, however a lot of development and support is needed. With almost no 3rd party competition against Oracle products the challenge is up to the user for reporting. However, with SplashBI there is hope. Hope for IT and functional users get their reporting with a couple of solutions.

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