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By November 19, 2018 Press Release
Changing the game

“If the title of this article sounds like heresy, it’s because it is…”

Strong words from a strong presence in the HR industry., a website dedicated to making HR Professionals smarter has recently published an article on SplashBI. The article covers SplashBI’s radical new take on workforce analytics in the HR field, and how HR leaders can get a new look across their organization through the use of scorecards.

The premise is that each manager has a scorecard based on KPIs used to measure that manager’s success. HR leaders can then drill into managers who are successful and see which members of their team are thriving. From here HR leaders can emulate that leader’s style and their team members work ethic across the organization.

Ultimately this new method of workforce analytics is a very promising and new way of conducting analysis and may have drastic implications for the future of the industry. To read the full article on click here.

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