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Keeping Track of Leads: Lead Management Dashboard

By August 15, 2018June 11th, 2020CRM Analytics, Resources, Topic, Whitepapers

Keeping Track of Leads: Lead Management Dashboard

Using the KPIs covered in this whitepaper will show you the ins and out of lead management to win more deals and increase your pipeline.

Generating strong, promising leads goes a long way in improving the chances of a sales. For instance, a lead generated through a targeted marketing program is more solid than a lead that isn’t already familiar with the company’s product.

Additionally, studying the movement of leads through the sales process can help managers identify bottlenecks in the process, and improve the conversion of leads based on these findings

This paper is for readers who are looking to improve their quality of leads as well as their conversion rate. This paper focuses on the use of data-driven charts and KPIs to help readers pinpoint the deficiencies and strengths of their leads and sales process.

Topics Covered:

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Leads To Opportunity Conversion

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Leads To Opportunity Movement

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Nurturing Efforts At Each Stage

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