You’ve got Discoverer. We’ve Got Options!

By March 16, 2018April 21st, 2020On-Demand Webinars, Oracle Discoverer, Resources
Webinar On-Demand

You've Got Discoverer. We've Got Options

As Oracle de-supports Oracle Discoverer, many organizations are struggling to find the right replacement tool that will protect their investment, while minimizing the impact on IT staff and end users.

This webinar will cover:

  • Our approach to quickly migrate Oracle Discoverer Workbooks and Business Areas into dynamic SplashBI reports, with NO consulting required.
  • Compatibility with the Oracle EBS Security Model
  • Ability to run your converted reports from Excel; a must for many Discoverer users!
  • How to easily create dashboards from your migrated data
  • Ability to connect to ANY data source

Watch this Webinar On-Demand now and learn about SplashBI – an on-demand business intelligence and reporting tool that can make your Oracle Discoverer Conversion faster, easier, and more affordable!


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