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Human Capital Management

HCM considers the workforce as more than just a cost of doing business; it is a core business asset whose value can be maximized through strategic investment and management, just like any other asset. 

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Managing The Workforce

To be able to manage the workforce it is important to get a complete view of your organisation for you to make people decisions which will improve your business.

Information will need to be brought together from various systems such as Workday, SAP, Successfactors, Cornerstone On Demand and this is where SplashHR will help.

SplashHR pulls that data together, no matter the system or structure, and analyses it to help you ask the questions you need answered now.

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Tough Questions

  • What is our current headcount and how has it changed?
  • Do you have an aging workforce? Do have plans for a mass retirement event?
  • Do you have managers with too many or too few people reporting to them?
  • What is your organisation’s turnover?
  • Is your growth in employees coming with too much churn?
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Armed With Answers

Armed with answers to those questions and many more, you will be able to drive improvements in your organisation for the better business outcomes, which will no longer be guesswork, but based on facts. Examples of desired outcomes could be:

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Getting focused
Management team that can focus of building effective teams.
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HR Department can focus on nurturing and creating succession planning.
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Work closely
Allow managers to work closely with their teams.
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Reduce turnover
Reduce turnover by providing a quality experience to employees.
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Instant Insights

With your employee data stored securely and in line with stringent data protection and GDPR regulations in the SplashHR data warehouse, you will be able to gain immediate people insight by using SplashHR’s pre-built Dashboards, Charts, Analytics and Reports. 

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Recruit best-fit

Get value quickly with
predefined content

Assess diversity and
find hidden bias

Measure performance
across the board

Determine your
flight risk

Get the right solution
for your needs.

We have a huge need to future proof our reporting and utilize data from other sources. SplashBI has allowed us to not only do that, but look at our data in a more analytical way.

Claire ReeveNorfolk County Government

Not much to say here. If you need a BI tool, you will do you yourself a disfavor by not taking a serious look at SplashBI. I have found SplashBI easier and faster to use at every level: installation, configuration, set-up, administration, and end user.

Bob HerifordSolutions4Less

We looked at several different products before purchasing SplashBI. Ultimately SplashBI had the right combination of features, price, Linux support, and out of the box content.

Veer SurapaneniEnervest

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