SplashBI Platform

Mashup Your Data With SplashBI

SplashBI gives users the sales intelligence needed to develop a winning strategy.  By using our supplied data models, reports and dashboards, it’s easy to get access to all the information needed for better pipeline management, forecast planning and ultimately increased revenue.

Sales Revenue to Goal


Close Rate


Net New Opportunities

Data Integration
Get Your Attention
Gauge Their Interest
Make A Decision
Take Clear Action

Pipeline Management

No business is standard and you need cross application, even cross module reporting to tell the whole story.  Go beyond spreadsheets to now combine sales data with finance, marketing and other systems to see the whole sales story.

Pre-Built Content

Out of the box, real time, decision quality data to prioritize your time.  See the high level overview of critical KPI’s and metrics but drill down to the details on your own to develop timely action plans.

Performance & Analytics

Track historical performance and future forecasts via one single, up to date platform. Be able to inspect what you expect from your team as far as revenue, activities, contacts, emails, opportunities and more…

Ad Hoc Reporting

Why wait for IT when you can give your users the power to answer their own questions with simple drag and drop report building that still authenticates your security model.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Sales

Dashboards are a perfect snapshot into the status of any organization.  They capture your ATTENTION and help you prioritize your time –which opportunities need your attention most or what rep could use your help?

Drill Down Reports

When additional information is needed our drill downs get you access to the root cause of an issue – users have an INTEREST to see the supporting data and who knows their data better than the end users themselves?

Schedule & Distribution

Better analysis allows for faster ACTION.  By automating the scheduling and distribution of key reports and metrics, information is in the hands of those who need it.


It’s an easy DECISION.  Departments do not operate independently anymore – break down the walls, use SplashBI as the single platform for all your reporting needs.