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Part III COVID-19 Webinar Series – What Lies Ahead of HR?

By May 14, 2020February 2nd, 2022No Comments
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PART III COVID-19 Series: Questions for HR, Employee Experience and Change Management

In PART III of our COVID-19 Webinar Series, our panelists will address what lies ahead for HR during this next phase of the pandemic. Our guest panelists include: 

David Wilson – CEO of Fosway Group
Dana Minbaeva – Professor in Strategic and Global HRM and Vice-President for International Affairs at Copenhagen Business School
Andy Fisher – Director and Founder of HCM Systems Limited
Jivan Dempsey – Consultant, NED, Public Speaker

As HR continues to steady the workforce, they must prepare for the next steps as organizations look to the New Way of Working.  We will take a deep dive into what is currently being asked of HR and the various responses.

“Work” certainly looks much different now than it did 4 months ago. And may change even more in the months to come. Added to the session will be a discussion regarding the Employee Experience as organizations continue to prep for the “New Way” of working. 

Finally, we will address Change Management and what is required to facilitate the New Way of Working. To keep your workforce safe, cared for, & moving forward during this crisis, we invite you to join us for this can’t-miss webinar. 

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