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Go Beyond Standard Reports

Most marketers fall short in their ability to measure Marketing ROI.  Many stop with the out-of-the-box reports within their CRM system, marketing automation, and the like.  The problem with this approach is the inability to see how those data points are related, what the cost of the opportunity is, and the opportunity’s potential return. The solution? SplashBI’s marketing ROI reports.

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Trace To The Source

By blending and analyzing the disparate data, marketers can easily see what are the best sources of leads, the fastest nurturing path, highest-performing content pieces, and all intelligence behind rapidly closed deals.  For future success, marketers simply need to duplicate, analyze, and continue to tune for future marketing ROI.

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Do More With Insights

Insights from ad-hoc reporting allow you to optimize content, offers, products, and experiences in real time. Now, you can provide a seamless, consistent customer journey over any device, location, channel, and time of day, thereby increasing your marketing ROI.

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