Hierarchical Analytics

SplashBI helps you focus data that is specific to leaders and their teams.  With this insight, organizations can replicate the behaviors of the most successful leader throughout the hierarchy.  Leadership scorecards are the key to accountability and success.

Roll Up KPIs

Rolls up KPIs for the full team for every leader such as sum, count, average, etc.

Aggregate Calculations

Aggregate calculations are based on the people hierarchy, not filtered lists.

Problem Discovery

Fast way to find areas of opportunities or celebrate the good things.

Recruitment Analytics

Hire Top Talent Faster.

The employee journey starts with proper recruitment.  SplashBI gives visibility into the which recruitment factors result in the most successful employee journey.  Keep leveraging what is working and tweak what is not.


Identify cause of drop-offs in the candidate pipeline.


Evaluate efficacy of outside and inside recruiters.


Assess performance of hiring managers.


Combine with full HCM data to analyze full employee cycle.

hierarchical analytics
hierarchical analytics
hierarchical analytics

Learn From What People Do, Not What They Say.

Within your various HR Systems is housed multitudes of data that tell your employee journey.  SplashBI helps you unlock that data, see the patterns, and allows you to utilize the data to manage this journey with data-driven decisions.

  • Prevent Loss Of Top Talent
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Find Hidden Problems

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