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Pipeline Analysis & Management

The goal of analyzing your sales pipeline is to permit effective sales monitoring and project profitability of the business. Managing a sales pipeline begins with defining strengths and weaknesses to determine where your pipeline is falling short— that’s where we come in.

SplashBI’s built-in Pipeline Analysis and Management feature helps you quickly and easily perform a breakdown of your sales pipeline and drill down to identify where improvements can be made.

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pipeline analysis

Pipeline Revenue

How much money is in the pipeline?

Answer this question in one quick glance at the Pipeline Revenue KPI. With this information, you can move on to more meaningful information linked to your pipeline revenue:

  1. Is this number on par with projection?
  2. Where is the money coming from?
  3. What is preventing revenue from increasing?
  4. What can be done to increase the rate which it grows?

Revenue Projection (Actual vs Forecast vs Target)

This KPI helps create context around pipeline revenue numbers by answering:

  1. How is revenue growth trending?
  2. Are we on track to me our goals?
  3. At this rate where will we end up?

In this chart, sales managers can see where current revenue is underperforming compared to what was forecasted.

actual vs
average activities

Average Activities by Stage

By identifying which stages of the sales cycle undergo the most activities, sales managers can acquire an idea of where to focus coaching of their sales reps as well as refinement of their sales process.

By analyzing this chart, sales managers are able to identify inefficiencies in the sales process, thereby one step closer to improving sales performance and closing the gap between actual and forecasted sales.

High Risk Open Opportunities by Rep

High Risk Open Opportunities By Rep displays which opportunities are about to close without creating a sale.

For sales managers who need to establish a starting point for opportunities to address in the next meeting, High-Risk Open Opportunities by Rep is the KPI to follow.

Combined with previous KPIs, this allows sales managers to focus on high-risk open opportunities, identify which part of the sales cycle an opportunity is in, and how to close before it expires.

high risk opss
Pipeline Analysis

Learn The Strategy

Want to learn the strategy of using all of these KPIs together? Get the white paper! This in-depth guide shows users the step by step process of linking these KPIs together to make smarter, data-based decisions with their Salesforce Data.