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Are you hitting your monthly, quarterly, and yearly targets? Quality sales performance requires focus on key metrics to track and create a system to filter the most actionable insights for each step of the sales process. SplashBI’s pre-configured KPIs automatically gather your data and compile it into an easy-to-read chart for top-level visualization. Maximize success by measuring performance at every stage of your pipeline.

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lost opps

Lost Opportunities by Reason

In this example, we can see that the two main reasons for lost opportunities are sales reps being unable to contact leads and losses to competition. This information tells a sales manager that the early stage of their pipeline is weak due to the inability to contact leads, which should be addressed in the next sales meeting by establishing a new operating process for logging contact information, or whatever the acting sales manager believes to be the solution.

However, it is more pressing in this case that almost 50% of opportunities are lost to competition. It is no shock that competition is a large obstacle to overcome in the endeavor to generate revenue, however knowing where your competition lies is the first step in being able to compete with them. By clicking on the Competition section of the Lost Opportunities by Reason chart users can drill down and see the opportunity lost, who it was lost to, for how much, when it happened, and more (outlined below).

Top Level Perspective

In summary, the Lost Opportunities By Reason KPI is a quick way to gain top level perspective of where your pipeline is weak. Not only do you learn where your pipeline’s weaknesses lie, but you can acquire all the information needed to improve these weakness

You get the information you need for the sales meeting so you can address specific points in your meetings instead of using the meeting time figuring out what is already presented in the KPI’s.

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