SplashBI for Support

Does Your Support Tell A Story?

SplashBI is aligned with your Support organization’s needs and trends to drive effective management decisions based on Support ticket activity such as open vs. closed tickets, resolutions times, SLA adherence etc.

Use SplashBI charts to locate potential anomalies and take necessary measures to mitigate risks.

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High Visibility Into Support

All departments, including the Support Team, Support Managers and the Managements need their visibility into support. A dashboard can provide some actionable intelligence to take a decision and improve any business processes or mitigate unexpected problems(if any).

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Support Trends & Success Indicator

Classify your data into several categories, different measures over dimensions, build a beautiful dashboard to find out the recent trends, the incoming requests, solution type and resource tolerance.

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Quick Status & Distribution Ready

Need a quick status while on a call with the customer? Just log into SplashBI input the client name, check the data and share across the clients. Want to append the latest marketing campaign to the client status? Yes, SplashBI can do that quickly.

Support 4

Customizable Charts With Drill Downs

Requirements change, data changes and trends differ, it is important to customize the dashboards over measures(could be a recent business process change which led to disaster!!!) and drill in to the data to find out what the root cause would be.

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SplashBI - Transformation of Support Model

Dashboards are a perfect snapshot into the status of any organization.  They capture your ATTENTION and help you prioritize your time –which opportunities need your attention most or what rep could use your help?