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Excel-based Financial Reporting for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP & EBS

Empower your Accounting and Finance teams to build financial statements directly in Excel, leveraging the familiarity and flexibility of the world’s most popular spreadsheet software. With SplashGL, you’ll experience the difference:

  • One-click refresh for single worksheets or entire workbooks, ensuring up-to-date General Ledger balances
  • Effortless drill-down from GL balances to comprehensive details in Balances, Journals, and Subledger details

The SplashGL Advantage:
Outperforming Traditional Financial Statement Builders

Wondering how SplashGL stands out from other known financial statement builders? Here’s how we raise the bar:

  • One-click refresh across multiple tabs, streamlining your Oracle Financial Reporting.
  • Comprehensive drill-down capabilities in Excel, allowing users to easily access granular details and customize the experience to meet their unique needs.
  • Automatically updated hierarchies and refreshed balances for accurate GL balances.
  • Experience the SplashGL difference and enhance your financial reporting capabilities with our Excel-based solution tailored for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and EBS.

SplashGL: Revolutionizing Financial Reporting

SplashGL transforms financial reporting by offering a robust solution that connects directly to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and EBS. Business users can now leverage Excel to create and design financial statements with ease.

Say goodbye to the tedious process of exporting and formatting data into Excel every month. With SplashGL, you can reuse and refresh your financial packages on-demand using a single click, eliminating manual efforts and streamlining your workflow. Experience the benefits of reduced errors, increased time for analysis, and the ability to adapt swiftly to changing business conditions. Plus, provide users with an enhanced overall experience.

Discover the SplashGL difference and revolutionize your Oracle Financial Reporting capabilities today!

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Near Real-Time Oracle Cloud ERP: Streamlined Reporting and Month-End Processes

With SplashGL, you can effortlessly streamline your reports and navigate through your month-end processes. Take advantage of building, running, refreshing, reconciling GL balances, and maintaining your financial reporting, all with just a click of a button directly from Excel.

Discover the exceptional convenience and efficiency provided by SplashGL for your Oracle Cloud ERP reporting needs.

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Real-Time Reporting Oracle EBS

SplashGL connects to EBS in Real Time! It provides insightful financial data right into Microsoft Excel. Inside the spreadsheet users can build financial statements and update all GL balances in real time. Users will be able to analyze layers of details by drilling into balances, journals and subledger details in Real Time too! SplashGL comes with various features that will breakthrough financial analysis barriers of reporting.

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“…I was able to go from a 5 day close to a 3 day close with SplashGL. Let the CFO run any cost savings while business users are happy and find new ways to save time with the solution”

VP of Finance – Retail Business

“…editing drill down with Oracle Fusion’s Smartview is not possible, and we spent hours during month end analyzing our data. With SplashGL, we modified drill templates by adding columns required on each drill template. We saved so much time our ROI was instant!”

Controller – Manufacturing Business

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