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Build Financial Statements in Excel

  • Your own Accounting and Finance teams become the architects of building financial statements in Excel.

  • General Ledger balances are refreshed in Excel by the users in Real-time or in a Cube.

  • And then, from the Financial Statements built by the users they can drill down to all details.

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The SplashGL Difference...

With SplashGL, you no longer must go through the same manual process of exporting and formatting your reports every month. Keep and refresh your Financial Packages amounts in real-time or near-real-time.

Leverage your existing financial systems to speed-up processes, increase accuracy, adapt quickly to changing business conditions, and give users an overall better experience! That’s the SplashGL difference!

Work Within Microsoft Excel

SplashGL offers users the front end that they know and love…Excel! With SplashGL, users stay in Excel from start to finish. The product allows users to easily access their reports, convert FSG reports, run a Trial Balance report and an Account Inquiry, and more, all in Excel…all drillable! No need to have to stumble through your ERP, navigating through multiple windows just to get a simple General Ledger balance. Get what you need from the comfort of Excel!

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More Than Just Building Financial Statements

SplashGL gives you the ability to streamline your reports and walkthrough your month end process! You get the ability to build, run, refresh, reconcile GL balances and maintain your financial reporting, with the click of a button right from Excel.

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Journal & Budget Loader

SplashGL has a built-in Journal and Budget Loader. Easily load your Journals, Forecasts and Budgets right in Excel! Get everything you need all from one product!

Increased Performance

SplashGL gives you the ability to choose between real-time or CUBE data. If you are retrieving balances from periods, you know are closed, you can use the CUBE and witness EVEN BETTER performance!
CUBE technology will help users meet the demands of building large templates in Excel. Let us show you what SplashGL can do for your performance and efficiency.

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