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SplashGL: Streamlining Financial Reporting and Analysis

SplashGL gives you the ability to streamline your reports and walkthrough your month end process! You get the ability to build, run, refresh, reconcile GL balances and maintain your financial reporting, with the click of a button right from Excel.

We also have some fantastic features and functions to help with Account Reconciliations, Bursting your reports out of your reports by segments, Distributing your reports to others, running drillable Trial Balance reports quickly and easily, and so much more!

Drilldown to the sub-ledger details simply by double-clicking on the balance. Even better, you can create customized drill-downs simply by dragging and dropping (no coding needed). SplashGL truly puts the power in the hands of the end-user!

Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL | SplashBI 1

Drill Down Capabilities

Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL | SplashBI 2

Experience Comprehensive Drill-Down Capabilities with SplashGL

Uncover every detail from a GL balance in a financial statement using SplashGL’s in-depth drill-down functionality. Effortlessly explore Balance, Journals, and Subledger details at any segment value, parent or child, or combination of segments. Customize your drill-downs and create multiple drill layouts to share with your colleagues.

In addition, SplashGL offers valuable research tools such as Balance Inquiry, Journal Inquiry, and Trial Balance Report, all featuring drillable insights.

Unlock the full potential of your financial data with SplashGL’s extensive drill-down capabilities.

Go Beyond Financial Statements with SplashGL

Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL | SplashBI 3
Drilldown :
Efficiently access balances (PTD, YTD and 6 more) for any segment combination, complete with drill capabilities for most and breakthrough in-depth analysis.
Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL | SplashBI 4
Journal Inquiry :
Easily generate a General Ledger Detail Report in Excel, featuring convenient drill-down capabilities to explore deeper insights.
Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL | SplashBI 5
Trial Balance Report :
Effortlessly run a trial balance report directly in Excel, eliminating the need to export and format. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of drillable data for thorough examination.

Unlock more possibilities and streamline your financial analysis with SplashGL.

Enhanced Balance Inquiry with SplashGL

SplashGL’s Balance Inquiry is like Oracle General Ledger’s Account Inquiry/Monitor with a few extra features. Simply input segment values or apply inclusion, exclusion, and ranges within each segment to add depth to your analysis. And the best part? It’s all drillable for a comprehensive examination of your financial data. Experience the enhanced efficiency and versatility of SplashGL’s Balance Inquiry today.

Trial Balance with SplashGL

Leverage our integrated Trial Balance tool to effortlessly obtain a live, drillable trial balance report, eliminating the need to export to Excel and use text-to-column, which results in a static report. Experience the convenience and flexibility of SplashGL’s dynamic Trial Balance for a more efficient financial reporting process.

Enhanced Journal Inquiry with SplashGL

The traditional Journal Report from Oracle General Ledger has long been a favorite for analyzing journal and voucher details. Now, imagine having the ability to drill down to Sub-Ledger details as well. With SplashGL, you can access the same report in Excel, and effortlessly drill down to the subledger level with just a click of a button. Experience the efficiency and depth of analysis that SplashGL brings to your financial reporting process.

Additional Features

Excel-Based Workflow

Experience a seamless process from start to finish within Excel, eliminating the need for time-consuming exporting and formatting.

Burst & Distribute

Effortlessly segment your reports using our Burst feature, and distribute your financial packages to the appropriate team members with SplashGL.

Optimized Performance

Choose from Real-Time data, the Cube, or a combination of both for maximum speed and efficiency in your reporting process.

Secure Data Handling

Leverage your existing Oracle Security, Chart of Accounts, Hierarchies, Roles, Responsibilities, and SSO for robust data protection.

Read Only User

Provide Read-Only access for users who don’t require a full license, enabling additional cost savings.

One-Click Refresh

Update entire Excel workbooks effortlessly with just a single click of a button.