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The future of People Analytics with HR.COM

By November 1, 2019February 2nd, 2022No Comments
On-Demand Webinar

Sponsored Webinar | The Future Of People Analytics With HR.COM

As business partners, modern HR organizations are expected to affect business outcomes. This is a reasonable expectation considering that we recruit and develop the entire workforce. To add to the challenge, business leaders expect to see business outcomes measured in terms they can understand.
Where to start? A winning people analytics strategy will accomplish the following things:
•          Align measurable goals with business goals
•          Unite all sources of HR data
•          Provide actionable analytics to the right roles
•          Suggest actions to improve the future
•          Measure impact of actions
•          Report outcomes in business
Failing to meet any of these points makes it difficult to demonstrate ROI to business leaders. Achieving an ROI based on people analytics requires action and measurement in addition to being interesting and informative.
With years of HR information stored in multiple systems, HR certainly has data and the power of People Analytics at its disposal.  The critical challenge is to unite this data and move from descriptive to diagnostic and predictive analytics.
In this interactive session, Kiran Pasham, President and Chief Architect of SplashBI, and Brad Winsor, Vice President People Analytics of SplashBI, will address how successful HR Departments leverage massive amounts of people data to fulfill the goals of the business. Data equals dollars when properly analyzed and measured.
Kiran and Brad will discuss the spectrum of people analytics from informational to actionable and measurable. The discussion will include examples of how predictive analytics forecast the ROI of HR initiatives and prescribe a cost-effective course of action.

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