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Taking on the Month End Battle in Oracle and Winning

Webinar On-Demand

Taking on the Month End Battle in Oracle and Winning!

Every month we struggle, and that struggle is real!

We deal with:

  • Closing the Books
  • Completing Account Reconciliations
  • Accessing your Trial Balance report on demand
  • Completing all your financial packages on time
  • Explaining Variances
  • Getting it done without staying late and losing your sanity

In this webinar, we will show you how to :

  • Get access to your numbers on YOUR time
  • Complete your Account Reconciliations with ease
  • Get a Trial Balance, already in Excel and formatted, plus it’s drillable!!
  • Create automated templates that allow you to refresh your financial packages with just the click of a button
  • Use SplashGL’s research tools like drilldowns, Balance Inquiries and Journal Inquiries
  • Impress your peers and bosses with professional quality work without the hassle

We are excited to show you what our solution SplashGL can do! You won’t want to miss it! See it all live! Register for the webinar below and we’ll see you soon!

"SplashBI has not only allowed us to utilize data from other sources, but look at our data in a more analytical way."

Claire ReeveApplication Manager