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Author: Naveen Miglani, Co-Founder and CEO of SplashBI

Naveen Miglani is the Co-Founder and CEO of SplashBI, and a member of the board. Naveen has more than 23 years of industry experience, including corporate strategy, service offerings, alliance, and channels, and marketing. Prior to his current role, Naveen has worked across many functions - IT, Management, Business Development, Marketing, Finance and held many senior positions such as CEO of Apex IT, EAI Leader at GE Energy Services and Managing Principal at Oracle Corporation. Naveen holds a BS in Engineering and an MBA with a major in Information Systems and International Business from Mercer University, as well as a Six Sigma Black belt.
BI is the Epicenter of our Universe

BI is the Epicenter of our Universe

What is the future of BI? This is a hard question to answer, as the future is already here! Technology is rapidly advancing every day, and BI is really the epicenter of our universe. Based on better data availability and analysis, many organizations and executives are expecting a 1-2% growth in the upcoming years. Gartner is predicting the BI industry to continue to grow at a 7-8% rate (, which means more and more organizations are dedicating significant effort and…

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