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CRM Analytics.

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How does your win rate look against your Won Opportunities & Lost Opportunities?
Do you have an abudnance of revenue tied up to a specific stage in your sales funnel? Isolate your bottleneck and get more deals to the finish line.
Are you performing as your forecast projected? Take action to get back on track if you notice large discrepencies between your Actual and Forecasted Revenue.
Do you have a healthy number of Won Opportunities versus Lost Opportunities? If your lost opportunities number is too high, drill down to better understand why.

Drive growth and boost your team’s confidence with actionable, real-time Salesforce Analytics.

Whether you need to enable your sales reps, provide visibility for your executive team or make data-driven decisions, SplashBI for CRM has pre-built sales reports and dashboards to help. Spend less time building reports and more time driving growth with a solution built specifically around your needs.

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Arm your team with modern tools

SplashBI for CRM Feature
SplashBI for CRM Feature
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Platform Feature
SplashBI for CRM Feature
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Platform Feature
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Powerful Sales Dashboards for Better Insights

Frequently asked questions

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