SplashBI Data Mashup

Connect Your Data With Ease

Connect to all your disparate data sources at the same time, and create a cross app data model with extreme flexibility by transforming and cleaning the data on the fly. The best part? You never have to write any code!

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Connect to multiple data sources at the same time! SplashBI offers the ability to connect to all your relational and non-relational data sources at the same point of time.

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Data Modeling

Create your own data strategy by taking advantage of your source’s metadata without impacting its performance. Establish relations between data points on different sources to get your data strategy off the ground.

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Transform & Clean

Define a free range of transformations including pre-checks and cleaning actions before your final executions. SplashBI offers the ability to run calculations on inbound data from all your sources as well.

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In-Memory Analytics

Combine data points from different databases in your static files, and data at the same point using our in-memory analytics feature with CSV, Excel, SQL, MS Access, etc. using our In-memory Database.

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Create Your Perfect Story

SplashBI’s platform offers connectivity to a diverse group of databases(relational/non-relational) and applications. The SplashBI library of connectors will allow you to connect to your on premise or on cloud-based applications, and many other third-party or custom products that you use regularly.

It gives you the necessary Actionable Intelligence by allowing you to  analyze your data from one place and gives you the Actionable Intelligence that you need to run your organization by building dynamic reports and dashboards from your various systems and applications. 

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