SplashBI Platform

Single Platform Framework

Visualize, Report, Excel Front-End, & Mobile.

SplashBI’s all-in-one framework includes all features and functionality within one system. Drive efficiency and seamless operation with built-in functionalities:

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Visualize & Report

Reports – With SplashBI ad hoc reporting you can redefine value as the occasion requires. Ad hoc reporting means users can generate their own reports without the assistance of a technical professional.

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Dashboards – Using the right dashboards and charts can make a huge difference in the way data visualizations impact your organization. That’s why SplashBI visual composer is the best resource for data visualization tools

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Microsoft Excel Plugin

SplashBI provides a Microsoft Excel add-in as an included addition to your BI suite. Excel Connect offers a user friendly front-end for transactional reporting within Microsoft Excel that is simple to install and requires no maintenance from IT Staff.

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Deployment & Configuration

Depending on your needs the platform is robust enough to be deployed on premise or on cloud. The architecture allows you to deploy in a Multi Node/Multi-Tenant environment setup. SplashBI’s powerful framework enables you to connect to multiple databases or applications via specialized connectors.

Data Governance

Data Governance is a critical part of the SplashBI platform. The SplashBI security model offers you a comprehensive mechanism to secure your data from the legal entity to the row level in a given organization thus allowing users to see only the data that they currently have access to.

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Embedded BI

Increase revenue by leveraging your data without having to build an analytics platform. By seamlessly embedding SplashBI’s modular analytical services with your product, your users will understand the data story across the enterprise.

Through SplashBI, customers get the data they want and the analytics they deserve.

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Mobile App

For people on the go, you can report or visualize your data on your mobile via native app – iOS, Android.

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Technical Features of SplashBI

SplashBI is an enterprise ready business analytics solution. Check off the technical requirements from your list and begin exploring how putting the power of reporting and analytics in the hands of your end-users can dramatically improve business operations.

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On-Premise or Cloud

With active deployments on private clouds, and also on-premise, SplashBI takes a diversified approach. Multi-tenant and single-tenant options are also available.

Metadata Repository

SplashBI stores its metadata in MySQL, which ships with the product. The customer can also choose to use Oracle in place of MySQL as well.

Application Tier

Deploy SplashBI on Apache Tomcat or Oracle WebLogic. The solution is shipped with Tomcat, which is free and open source, and one of the most popular web servers in the world.

Supports SSO & SSL

The SplashBI Platform fully supports any SAML based Single Sign-on, and Microsoft Active Directory. It also supports SSL, which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

In-Memory Database

The solution has an in-memory database that is used to store data in either cache or disk mode for better performance. In-memory is also used to do data mashups. It can support up to 4TB (cache and disk combined).

Access Anywhere

Connect to data on premise or in the cloud—whether it’s big data, an SQL database, a spreadsheet, or cloud apps like Google Analytics and Salesforce. Access and combine multiple data sources without writing code.

Start Making Smarter Decisions With Your Data

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