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We Work Well With Others

SplashBI’s Partner Program provides a unique opportunity for its partners to deliver added value to customers, grow their business, and retain customers over a longer period of time.

SplashBI customers benefit by working with local talent, and receiving high-caliber service and support from a nearby resource. SplashBI offers several different partnership options to leverage SplashBI’s and Partners’ strengths in just the right way.

Please email us at or complete the Contact Us form to connect with a SplashBI Partnership Expert and learn the next steps to becoming a SplashBI Partner today.

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SplashBI For Partners

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Display your company name on SplashBI Analytics, Charts and Reports! Utilize SplashBI compelling pre-built marketing materials with your company logo and contact details to attract, impress and retain customers.

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Feature your company name with “powered by SplashBI” on reports and charts which are unique to your company and/or industry. Add powerful business intelligence to your solutions while promoting your brand name and strengthening your product offering

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Add SplashBI Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions to your product and services offering. Promote, sell and implement SplashBI tools to your customers and prospects to increase your monthly and annual sales!

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Seamless Integration

Experience Seamless integration when you use our charts, dashboards, reports, and analytics. We ensure smooth integration without disturbing or complicating existing features.

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Multi-Client Capability

Serve many customers at the same time with dependable cloud or on premise solutions.

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Best-of-Breed Analytics

Benefit from offering customers fast, reliable, and state-of-the-art analytics, reports, and dashboards to make sense of data in multiple data sources.