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Turnover Dashboard for insight-led retention strategies

People Analytics - 2024 3
Is the organization top heavy? The numbers of managers and directors are proportionally high.
Within these termination, how many of which are healthy termination?
Are the cost of replacing and training included in the turnover cost? If not, why are the turnover cost so high?

Diversity dashboard to facilitate DEI&B

People Analytics - 2024 4
Do you see a diverse workspace?
How do you think the company must improve its diversity efforts in the future?
What are the long-term consequences if you ignore or fail to recognize diverity at work?

Skill gap dashboard to hire and retain the talent your business needs

People Analytics - 2024 5
Are we placing the right leader in the right role?
How do we narrow the soft skills gap?
How company is reskilling to address skill gaps?

Headcount dashboard for insight-led hiring and retention

People Analytics - 2024 6
How to assess Headcount trend with company performance
What happens when a company expands too fast?
Is the bell curve still relevant for performance reviews?

Recruitment dashboard to hire fast and hire right

People Analytics - 2024 7
The funnel spout – How to make sure candidate move quickly from offer to first day of work?
Are we having similar reject reason across same job function? Revisit job description?
Candidate drop off is a common issue to talent acquisition team, how to prevent?

Compensation dashboard summarizes an in-depth salary analysis across the organization’s talent

People Analytics - 2024 8
Are Aug, Sep, Dec seasonal peaks for the business? More paid hours?
Why is there a dip with Line Operation department?
Is work being distributed evenly and fairly?

Insights to Impact

SplashBI for HR provides over 800+ pre-built dashboards that provide you with the key metrics and KPI’s to enhance your HR and people lifecycle. Combine all your people data into once easy to view single-view platform. With the intuitive insights being pulled from all your different sources across your different HR tools and systems, bringing the information into silos.

Pre-built analytics enable quick and effective number-crunching to give you the insights you need to make better decisions. Being able to visualise data in charts and dashboards makes difficult decisions easier and remove reporting complexities.

  • Data feeds – Packaged connecters, Data Pipe, REST
  • Data output – scheduling, distribution
  • Single Source of Truth – Data Model
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure
  • PowerBI / Tableau
  • Mobile
  • Full configurability
  • Data Model
  • Charts and Dashboards
  • Inherit system values
  • Extendable, customizable
  • Use across entire platform

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