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SplashBI Data Visualizations & Dashboards

Using the right dashboards and charts can make a huge difference in the way data visualizations impact your organization. That’s why SplashBI visual composer is the best resource for data visualization tools.

With over 100 chart types, and interactive dashboards you can see what you need when you need to see it. Increase visibility into your organization and leverage hidden patterns within your company’s data to make impactful data driven decisions.

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Customizable Parameters

Change the parameters of your dashboard on the fly! Dashboards are typically comprised of multiple charts; with our customizable floating parameter box, you can change the parameters of the data across the entire dashboard.


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Interactive Dashboards

Create dashboards that show a bigger picture, and allow you to perform ad hoc modifications. Remove or add more dimensions or measures to a chart, and get a more precise dependency on the respective dimensions.

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Visual Composer

SplashBI Dashboard Visual Composer is intuitive and easy to use! Create dashboards by dragging and dropping dimensions into charts, chart multiple dimensions with different styles, and preview charts to perfect the visual appeal.

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Drill Down

With our extensively Interactive dashboards users can create drill down charts from KPI’s and other metrics to understand the details behind the scenes, and up to the most basic data set being ingested from your disparate data sources.

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Real-Time KPIs

More than 36 kinds of KPI Charts like Gauge charts, Speedometer KPI’s etc.

Track Your ROI

Keep your investments on track with the flexibility to add calculations and other complex metrics to the chart. As real time as it gets for precise business decisions.

Dig Deeper

Dive into your data, from your bigger picture, to the most atomic data set used to make that data strategy directly from the chart in your dashboard.
Data Visualization

Innovative Charts & Dashboards

While bar, pie, and line graphs can be effective, they aren’t the only types of data visualization out there. SplashBI has more than 100 types of interactive visualizations, providing the freedom to explore your data in more innovative and creative ways.

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Data Visualization

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