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Getting Started With SplashBI Dashboards

Dashboards are a collection of charts designed to visualize a variety of data in one general area. SplashBI offers you the ability to create interactive dashboards that can be used to provide insight into various areas of interest. Dashboards are easy to create and modify, drill-downs into data behind the charts, and can even be shared with others.

Dashboards utilize user-created charts to illustrate data and information. Dashboards can be easily created or edited to include new charts, rearrange, resize and modify parameters. You can also customize your dashboard to include widgets that provide information at a glance.

Getting Started With SplashBI Dashboards 1

Run a Dashboard

Let’s get started with how to run a dashboard. Run a dashboard from the list view, grid view or the group view. Click the Run Getting Started With SplashBI Dashboards 2 icon to launch the dashboard.

Copy a Dashboard

How do you create a Dashboard?

To create a new dashboard, click the Getting Started With SplashBI Dashboards 4 icon at the top of the screen, then click Dashboard in slide down. Getting Started With SplashBI Dashboards 5

Clicking the Create Dashboard icon will redirect you to the Configure Dashboard screen.

Sharing & Distributing Your Dashboard

Once you have created your dashboards, now you need to share themem with your team! How do you Share a Dashboard?