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Is getting data out of your systems a time-consuming and frustrating process? SplashBI will streamline your reporting and analytics with a feature-rich, innovative business intelligence platform.

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Revenue, profits, leads, opportunities. Where are they? Find out here.


Get the big and little picture of all your data across all marketing channels and technologies.

Accounting & Finance

It’s time to hold yourself accountable and get the data you need, to make the decisions you need.

Human Resources

Consolidate data across your various applications for HR, Payroll, Time Entry, and more…

Customer Service

All departments, including the Support Team, Support Managers and the Managements need their visibility into support.


Your organization is only as powerful as its people. SplashBI gives executives real-time visibility into how each department is performing.

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Connect to any data source, allowing you to mashup your data and find hidden insights and trends from both your consumers and company.

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Solutions 2


Create ad-hoc reports in multiple output formats on top of your cross-app data model to get answers for your business questions.

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Solutions 3


Seeing is believing. Get the big picture with over 100 different types of charts, and present them in clean, modern custom dashboards.

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Solutions 4


Data analytics has never been easier. Make data-driven decisions with confidence based on your robust data models!

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