You have an opportunity to up your reporting game.

Your organization has made a significant investment in Discoverer over the years, so you understandably want to protect that investment. Now, with SplashBI, you have an opportunity to provide your users with greater functionality, access to more data (both Oracle and non-Oracle), and easier modes of use. Migrate your reports from Oracle Discoverer to SplashBI!

  • Employee Headcount by Org Hierarchy Report
  • Assignment Statuses
  • Leave of Absence Details
  • EEO-1 Exceptions
  • Salary Details by As of Date
  • Terminations by Dept/Org

Improved functionalities compared to Oracle Discoverer

  • Consolidation of workbooks – how many workbooks do you have that are 90% duplicates?
  • Provide insights and analytics, not just reporting, with dashboards and visualizations
  • Scheduling, distribution, and bursting functionality for reports and dashboards
  • Mobile accessibilty on any device, anywhere.
  • Excel as an optional front-end with run, edit, and refresh capabilities
  • Combine other data sources – not just EBS, not just Oracle

Comprehensive Migration Solution

Our utility seamlessly converts Discoverer workbooks and business areas to SplashBI domains and reports. The utility supports all the various data sources that Discoverer workbooks are built upon, including datamarts, warehouses, online transaction processing systems, and Oracle E-Business Suite. It converts not only the workbooks, but also the fields in the Discoverer folders that the report is based on, thereby allowing the converted report to be modified without the need to customize or extend the original Discoverer view. The utility directly reads the Discoverer metadata from the EUL schema and user can then choose the business area/workbooks to import into SplashBI.


SplashBI has greatly enhanced our reporting capabilities and allowed us to have one true source for our reporting and data needs.”

Red Dot Corporation


“We are amazed by the functionality, ease of use, and fantastic support we have received as we utilize SplashBI as our main reporting tool”

Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

"After performing due diligence on nearly 20 products, SplashBI was selected as our product of choice to replace the now obsolete Discoverer product within Oracle Financials. The solution allowed the business to use an extensive suite of delivered reports, enabled them to modify them to their specific requirements, as well as create new reports from scratch."

Not-for-profit Water Utility

“The biggest draw for SplashBI (by a country mile) was its ability to migrate Discoverer end user layers and workbooks. The Discoverer migration utility in SplashBI will save us months – if not years – when it comes to migrating all of our Discoverer user base”

Commercial Automotive Manufacturer

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