HR Reporting with SplashBI

SplashBI for HR

SplashBI Reporting for Human Resources is the next generation reporting solution for consolidating data across your various applications for HR, Payroll, Time Entry, and more. It is, by every measure, the most flexible, advanced, integrated, and secure operational reporting solution in the marketplace. The intuitive Self-Service interface reduces reliance on IT resources and gives business users an unmatched comfort level for reporting.

Human Resources reporting and analysis can be challenging due to complex organizational structures, position hierarchies, multiple assignments and “date tracking.” SplashBI resolves these issues by simplifying ad hoc reporting and providing a platform for your HR reports, including:

  • Employee Headcount by Org Hierarchy Report
  • Assignment Statuses
  • Leave of Absence Details
  • EEO-1 Exceptions
  • Salary Details by As of Date
  • Terminations by Dept/Org

Payroll, benefits, and more.

Many organizations are moving to a best-of-breed approach, especially for their human resources related systems. This presents unique challenges for reporting across departments and reconciling, as your payroll may be in ADP, while your time entry may be in Kronos. SplashBI has been shown to reduce payroll report times from 20 hours to 20 minutes, and it has the capability to enable power reporting and analysis with superb, unparalleled performance.
Advanced Technology:

  • Connect to multiple applications
  • Data Mash-Ups to combine your data
  • 100% web-based application
  • Real-time, transactional data
  • Easy to build Dashboards
  • Microsoft Excel front-end
  • “Hot-Links” inside Reports and Dashboards