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To Make Smarter Decisions

Blend. Report. Visualize. Analyze.

Enhance your data reporting: understand the full story behind your data with our platform & pre-built business analytics. Empower your users to make data driven decisions with little to no consulting required.


Connect to any data source.  Find hidden insights and trends for your organizations and consumers from one or many systems via data mashup.

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Create ad-hoc reports in multiple output formats on top of your cross-app data model to get answers for your business questions.

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Does your data tell a story? Get the big picture with over 100 different types of charts, and present them in clean, modern custom dashboards.

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Make data-driven decisions with confidence! Analyze your data to accumulate deep insights for a broad range of business scenarios.

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A Solution For Everyone's Data

Is getting data out of your systems a time-consuming and frustrating process? SplashBI will streamline your data reporting and analytics with a feature-rich, innovative business intelligence platform.

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Revenue, profits, leads, opportunities. Where are they? Find out here.


Get the big and little picture of all your data across all marketing channels and technologies.

Accounting & Finance

It’s time to hold yourself accountable and get the data you need, to make the decisions you need.

Human Resources

Consolidate data across your various applications for HR, Payroll, Time Entry, and more…

Customer Service

All departments, including the Support Team, Support Managers and the Managements need their visibility into support.


Your organization is only as powerful as its people. SplashBI gives executives real-time visibility into how each department is performing.

Data Reporting

Build A Data Driven Strategy

Blend, Report, Visualize, and Analyze sound great… but don’t know where to get started? No worries! Download our free guide and learn how to build a solid data strategy in 4 easy steps.

  • Connecting to multiple data sources
  • Deriving meaning from reports
  • Forming top level visualizations
  • Making a data-driven decision based on analysis

Hear From Our Current Clients

Luke AlonsoSr. Database Developer

We were new to Oracle with no one on staff who was very familiar with the Oracle database organization. What drew us to SplashBI was the hundreds of pre-built data marts and reports seeded with the package. This gave us the reporting we needed to get started, and has served as a foundation for users to modify the seeded reports to better meet their own needs.

Claire ReeveApplication Manager

We have a huge need to future proof our reporting and utilize data from other sources. SplashBI has allowed us to not only do that, but look at our data in a more analytical way.

Allison HarnManufacturing Operations Analyst, Nanosys

I have lost track of the number of people since January asking for specific data, expecting it to take at least a week before I could get back to them. I'd then turn to my computer, spend like 10 seconds bringing up a similar report, and say, "Do you mean something like this? Give me an hour and I can tailor it more towards what you're looking for." It's an amazing feeling to literally see someone's jaw drop or have them pause for a moment unsure how to respond. Thank you for making me look so good.

Veer SurapaneniIT Manager, ERP Applications

We looked at several different products before purchasing SplashBI. Ultimately SplashBI had the right combination of features, price, Linux support, and out of the box content. It has definitely consolidated all of the tools we had into a single source of truth and allowed us to retire older technologies. Our users really love the excel plugin and adoption went exceptionally well!

Bob HerifordPresident/CEO, Solutions4Less

Not much to say here. If you need a BI tool, you will do you yourself a disfavor by not taking a serious look at SplashBI. I have found SplashBI easier and faster to use at every level: installation, configuration, set-up, administration, and end user.

Start Making Smarter Decisions With Your Data

Blend. Report. Visualize. Analyze.