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Analyzing With SplashBI

Convert Your Data
Into Actionable Intelligence

Explore your data wherever it is; cloud or on-premise, including big data sources such as Hadoop and Spark. With connections to a multitude of sources and constantly growing, SplashBI is a data analytics tool that helps you accumulate deep insights for a broad range of business scenarios.

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Cross Application Analytics

Microsoft Excel Plugin 1

Most organizations host their data in various systems and applications. Those systems might be in the cloud, or they might be on premise. How do you get that data together to provide you with a comprehensive, 360* view of your organization? SplashBI, as a data analytics tool, simplifies the necessary steps to compare and analyze ALL of your data in vibrant dashboards and dynamic reports. Turning data into Business Intelligence has never been this simple!

Connect to multiple applications
Data mash-ups to combine your data
Utilize both Cloud and On-Premise systems in one instance
Unify your complete reporting initiative with one tool, SplashBI
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Drill Down

Utilize various drill down functionalities to bring added depth to your analysis. Drill downs and drill down queries in your reports produce underlying data, while drilling from one chart to a separate dashboard enhances your interactive experience in SplashBI.

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Excel Connect

Increase operational efficiency by using the Microsoft Excel add-in. You can create, run, modify, and refresh your reports directly in the Excel application. Excel Connect offers a user friendly front-end for transactional reporting that is simple to install and requires no maintenance from IT Staff.

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Interactive Dashboards

With over 100 types of visualization styles to choose from, there is no shortage of interaction in your dashboards. Quickly adjust what appears in the chart, move your charts around the dashboard landscape, utilize drill downs and other table functions, and more!

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Schedule & Distribute

Schedule your dashboards to refresh the background data, saving time during the submission process. Automate your reporting initiative by create custom schedules. Combine with the distribution functionality to make SplashBI work for you!