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Analyze & Understand Your Data

To Drill Down is defined as the act of focusing in.  Viewing the data in a report format will give users an overview based on the parameters involved.  But what makes up the data being seen?  How can the data be used as actionable intelligence to improve daily operations, or to prepare for the future of the organization?

These are the questions that need answers in order for companies to be successful.  SplashBI provides users with the functionalities to perform the necessary analysis to bring clarity and understanding to the rows and columns being viewed.

drill drown query
Multi-Level Drill Downs 1

View Underlying Data

Build custom pivot tables in your reports to assemble vibrant summarizations of your data.  Keep the report simple, but allow for additional depth of analysis with the ability to view the specific underlying data that makes up the individual cells in those tables.

Multi-Level Drill Downs 2

Drill Down Queries

In SplashBI, a report can be created with a special drill down function. This function is designed to extract very specific information as part of the underlying data attached to the report.  Using a query, or set of queries, specific columns and data can be formatted to produce this dynamic drill down.

Multi-Level Drill Downs 3

Report-to-Report Drilling

Connect separate reports in SplashBI with an enhanced drill down option.  Move from a transactional Sales Report to your Inventory Control Report with a simple association of columns in those reports.  Prepare your staff to make appropriate decisions to continue moving business forward.

Drilling Your Visualizations

Along with the drill down capability in your reports, SplashBI also give you the functionality to drill down in your visualizations!  Multiple options will be available to users depending on how they wish to traverse their data voyage.

  • Set up your dashboards to allow various drill down functions in one single landscape
  • Associate two charts to drill from one visual to another
  • Link a chart to a separate dashboard
  • Drill a particular data set, or an entire chart, into an HTML report
  • Create a path from a chart to an outside URL to enhance how you analyze your data
visual drill down

Start Making Smarter Decisions With Your Data

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