SplashBI Platform

Scheduling & Distribution

SplashBI provides a streamlined automated reporting solution by setting your reports to run on specific schedules.  Need to share that report with other users?  Distribution options include peer to peer sending, and also applying the report to your FTP or File System directory.  Combine both functionalities for total automation!

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Ad hoc reporting, on demand reporting

Automate Your Reports

Make SplashBI do the work for you!  Setup your reports to automatically run on a specified schedule to view the data at your convenience.  Combine that schedule with customized distribution lists to share that report with your team!

  • Schedule intervals ranging from hourly submissions to months, or even yearly
  • Advanced Scheduler allows you to specify days of the week, specific dates, and more.
  • Distribute reports to individual SplashBI users, or to user groups
  • Include FTP sites or local File Share Systems to upload your reports internally

Increment Dates

Using date parameters in your report submission? SplashBI will hold onto that date window and update it automatically with your schedule. Set it once and never look back.

Variety of Distribution Options

Enhanced distribution allows users to share with other peers, as well as upload the report to an FTP site or a local File System. Include with your schedule to fully automate your reporting.

Advanced Scheduler

Want to run your report every third Monday of the month? How about on the 15th of every other month? The SplashBI advanced scheduler provides users with the ability to fine tune exactly when the reports should run.
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