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CIPD People Analytics Conference

By September 2, 2021April 13th, 2022No Comments
Past Events

CIPD People Analytics Conference

19 October 2021 | London and Online

Join the CIPD People Analytics Conference, in London or online, and discover how, with data stored in one place, you can look back at the pandemic and have an evidence-based overview of your employees’ engagement and wellbeing. You’ll master how to build robust strategies that can offer more accountable support to improve productivity, collaboration and retention.

Speaker Details:

Name: Steven Atkins

Global Analytics Enablement Director

Time – 10:20 AM BST
Venue – Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge and Online

Topic: Tackling recruitment struggles with analytics

For decades, recruiting top talent has been one of the toughest challenges for HR. Recent events have added even more complexities for a successful recruiting strategy. The organisations that can navigate these challenges utilising data will have the best chance at landing the market’s top talent. This session will cover:

  • How adaption and data are the keys for future hiring success.
  • Accelerating recruiting by understanding the best candidate sources, best fit resumes, candidates most likely to succeed, impact of time to fill a position, and any bias in the recruiting process.
  • Understanding the impact of employee engagement and get to grips with retention and turnover – use the data to understand sentiment to improve your workforce attrition.

Event Overview:

This year’s conference features two streams:

  • Stream one — Starting out: designed for aspiring analytics professionals looking to develop the basic and necessary skills to make the transition from traditional reporting to people analytics.
  • Stream two — Stepping up: designed for those who wish to take their analytical ability to the next level exploring big data, AI and how to use metrics to improve D&I in the workplace.

Conference Takeaways:

  • Master people analytics to support and improve your people’s mental health and increase productivity and retention.
  • Discover how to leverage organisational network analysis to enhance team collaboration and performance.
  • Implement people analytics to solve performance management, skills adjacency, employee development in a hybrid world.
  • Leverage skills data to enable strategic workforce plans.
  • Hear how AI can set the stage for better future performance.

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