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  • Creating Charts in SplashBI

    Easily Create Charts in SplashBI

  • Does your data tell a story?

    With the right solution, your data can tell more about your company than any individual manager could. From hidden trends that guide better decisions in the future, to anomalies that may be the result of an unseen error, using the right dashboards and charts could make a huge difference in your organization.

    Innovative Charts and Dashboards

    While bar, pie, and line graphs can be effective, they aren’t the only charts out there. SplashBI has more than 100 types of interactive visualizations, providing the freedom to explore your data in more innovative and creative ways.

    Chart types include:

    • Waterfalls
    • Heatmaps
    • Spark Lines
    • Funnels & Pyramids
    • Bubbles
    Innovative Charts and Dashboards

    Sales Visualizations

    Cross Application Actionable Intelligence

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the data you needed to analyze was always from the same system? The truth is, many organizations are moving toward a best of breed approach, involving multiple systems that all provide data needed to complete the puzzle. SplashBI allows you to connect to any data source and build visual analytics from those disparate systems. Whether it is a cloud based system or something you run on premise, SplashBI is your central source of truth. See the full list of connectors here


    SplashBI - Clients

    “SplashBI has greatly enhanced our reporting capabilities and allowed us to have one true source for our reporting and data needs.”

    Red Dot Corporation


    SplashBI - Clients

    “We are amazed by the functionality, ease of use, and fantastic support we have received as we utilize SplashBI as our main reporting tool”

    Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

    SplashBI - Clients

    "After performing due diligence on nearly 20 products, SplashBI was selected as our product of choice to replace the now obsolete Discoverer product within Oracle Financials. The solution allowed the business to use an extensive suite of delivered reports, enabled them to modify them to their specific requirements, as well as create new reports from scratch."

    Not-for-profit Water Utility

    SplashBI - Clients

    “The biggest draw for SplashBI (by a country mile) was its ability to migrate Discoverer end user layers and workbooks. The Discoverer migration utility in SplashBI will save us months – if not years – when it comes to migrating all of our Discoverer user base”

    Commercial Automotive Manufacturer

    SplashBI - Clients