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Scottish Legal Aid:
Reporting Transformation

  • Rapid Implementation: Successfully migrated 700+ reports from Oracle Discoverer to SplashBI in 5 weeks.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Delivered a unified platform for real-time access to General Ledger and sub-ledger transactions.
  • User Empowerment: Enabled business users to make ad-hoc report changes independently, reducing IT reliance.
Scottish Legal Aid: Reporting Transformation 11
Scottish Legal Aid: Reporting Transformation 11


Existing Discoverer users can now use their old Discoverer reports with continuity whilst new Finance users get access to new real-time reports giving them access to all General Ledger and sub-ledger transactions in a single report.

SLAB now has a single reporting platform for both their legacy Discoverer reporting and Oracle Cloud ERP.

Alternative solutions were unable to provide Discoverer migration, out-of-the-box Oracle Cloud ERP reports, connectivity to multiple data sources and security across all data sources.


“We required a transactional report which showed all ledger entries and also balanced back to the Trial Balance figures for Audit Purposes. In the five years since we’d moved to Oracle Cloud, we’d been unable to source a report which gave us exactly what we needed, and we had to manually combine data for invoices paid and also journal data together to get what we needed – that proved very laborious and time consuming. The SplashBI team listened to our requirements and were able to build us a single report which gave us exactly what we needed. The report is easy to extract, and has filters built in which then gives us the choice of either running the whole report or extracting data at a lower level. The SplashBI screens are very user friendly and easy to understand. This transactional report is an invaluable source of information for us now and it now forms the main data source for a large portion of our work and has given us a time saving too.”

Dawn Neep
Accounting & Budgeting Officer, SLAB

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