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Ad Hoc Out-of-the-Box Reporting

Oracle Cloud Solutions | Oracle Cloud Reporting | SplashBI 2

Spend More Time Managing Your Business, Not Your Software.  Learn How You Can Increase Operational Efficiency

The SplashBI Difference…

Oracle Cloud Solutions | Oracle Cloud Reporting | SplashBI 3

Bridge the gap in your organization's data

SplashBI pre-built reports provide comprehensive insights into your organization’s data with robust features such as automatic role-based security and flexfield reporting.

Don't get stuck with a learning curve

With an easy & intuitive platform, poor adoption or search for another solution is a thing of the past.

We take the complexity out of creating your own report

With SplashBI, users can create new or update existing reports without having to rely on a developer to code it.

Avoid serious violations of security policies

By inheriting 100% of Oracle's existing security, employee data remains confidential and secured.
Oracle HCM Report Samples

Human Resources

Current Employee Listing – Simple list of all employees in organization

New Hires – How many people hired in a given duration?

Terminations – How many employees left in a given duration?

Duplicate Employees – Catch potential duplicates.

EEO Reporting – US-specific report.

Benefits & Performance


  • Person Life Events – Detailed information about persons’ life events
  • Eligibility Report – Display current participants and eligibility and coverages
  • Benefits Enrollment Results – Details of programs, plans and options employees are enrolled into

Performance Management

  • – Goal Plan Development
  • – Goal Performance
  • – Objective Library
  • – Manager/Worker Ratings


Gross to NetDetermine how gross payments transformed into net.

Payroll ActivityCovers all activity including, runs, quickpays, balance adjustments and more

Third Party PaymentsReview payments made to third parties on behalf of employees

W2 RegisterValidate W2 boxes before sending data for printing

Time and Labor

  • – Missing Timecards
  • – Timecard Details
  • – Timecard Summary
  • – Employee Project Time Cards


  • – Succession Planning report – Job and Position
  • – Risk of Loss Reasons
  • – Top Performers
  • – Talent Reviews


  • – Absence Details
  • – Absence Overview
  • – Maternity Leave Information
  • – Work Shifts
  • – Absence Element Information

Oracle ERP Cloud

Obtain deeper insights into your Cloud ERP data.

Obtain deep insights into your ERP data with pre-built content across business functions such as Payables, Receivables, General Ledger, and Fixed Assets.

Oracle Cloud Solutions | Oracle Cloud Reporting | SplashBI 4

General Ledger

  • Sub-ledger Reconciliation | Reconcile GL with various sub-ledgers such as Payables, Receivables, Fixed Assets, Cost Management, Receipt Accounting, Payroll, and more!
  • Trial Balance Reports | Actuals, with full details.
  • Subledger Accounting | Retrieve information of journals from all sources; identify the erred and unprocessed ones
  • Account Analysis
  • Trial Balance
  • Budget vs. Consumption


  • Transaction Register | Get complete information about transactions.
  • Aging Report
  • GL Reconciliation | Reconcile Receivables with General Ledger for all transactions, adjustments and receipts.
  • Applied and Unapplied Receipts | Audit all receipts that were applied and not applied to invoices.


  • Expense Reports | Retrieve expense report details; can track pending-approval ones too.
  • Invoices and Payments | Retrieve information of Payables invoices and payments for expense reports, including Project-related ones.
  • Disputed CreditCard Transactions
  • Advance Payments
  • Top Spenders | Identify top spenders in your organization

Accounts Payable

  • Aged Payables | Payable invoices organized into time-buckets, as of any date
  • Invoice Details
  • GL Reconciliation | Reconcile Payables with General Ledger for all types of invoices and payments
  • Invoices on Hold Report | Are invoices on hold? Why are they on hold?
  • Payment Register Reports | Identify all payments made in a given time frame.
  • Matching Reports | Purchase Order and Credit Memo matching details

Fixed Assets

  • Asset Register | Shows asset details.
  • Asset Transfers and Retirements | Retrieve information of assets that were transferred and retired.
  • Cost Adjustments Audit | Trail of cost adjustments made to assets.
  • Non-Depreciating Property | Identify all non-depreciating assets.
  • Asset Inventory
Oracle Cloud Supply Chain

Use SplashBI to Explore Your Supply Chain.

Pre-built reports provide valuable insights into Inventory, Order Management and Procurement. These reports leverage pre-built connector to deliver extensive business information, which, can be used for process improvement, exception handling or monitoring overall progress.


  • On-hand Quantity | Display quantity of items in a sub inventory
  • Transaction Details | Identify all transactions including lot numbers and serial numbers
  • Cycle Count Adjustment Transactions | List transactions associated with cycle count adjustments
  • Lot Transactions | Determine material transactions that are lot number controlled

Order Management

  • Back Order Report | Are there orders in the backlog due to unavailability
  • Drop Ship Order Details | Display list of sales orders which are drop shipped to customer
  • Order Hold Reasons Report | Identify all orders on hold and why
  • Pick-slip Details | Use this report in the warehouse to collect all items included in shipment


  • Blanket & Planned POs | Status report for blanked and planned purchase orders
  • Open Purchase Orders | List all purchase orders that are currently open
  • Overdue Receipts  | Identify all requisitions that are beyond need-by-date
  • Suppliers On-Hold | Determine all suppliers and their purchase orders currently on hold
Taleo Enterprise Edition
  • – Requisition List
  • – Taleo Applicants Source Report
  • – Application List
  • – Open Requisitions
  • – Time taken to Fill Requisitions




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