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Upgrade Your Reporting Platform: Migrate from Oracle Discoverer to SplashBI

Upgrade Your Reporting Platform: Migrate from Oracle Discoverer to SplashBI


Facing the challenge of Oracle discontinuing support for Discoverer? It’s not just about finding a replacement; it’s about elevating your data capabilities. In this webinar, learn how SplashBI offers:

1. Complete Migration: Beyond just copying SQL, transform the entire Discoverer workbook infrastructure.
2. Modern Interface: Familiar for Discoverer users, yet enriched with HTML5, 110+ diverse visualizations, and multi-device support.
3. Enhanced Security: Integrated EBS responsibility security and active directory support.
4. Diverse Data Access: Connect to a multitude of sources beyond Oracle, from cloud systems to third-party apps.
5. Flexible Reporting: Benefit from adaptable reporting, varied output formats, and advanced scheduling.

Join us to see how SplashBI’s Discoverer Migration turns a challenge into an opportunity to modernize and optimize your data reporting.


Graham Spicer

Director, Country Head for UK, EMEA & Asia Oracle Alliance Ambassador

Graham is the Director, Country Head of UK, EMEA & Asia and Oracle Alliance Ambassador for SplashBI. His Background covers accountancy, sales and marketing, IT systems development, and much more! He has worked in Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions since 1980 and within the Oracle community since 1991. He served as a director of the UK Oracle User Group for 5 years and has written many whitepapers and presented at conferences and trade shows. Unusual fact – His hobby is baking!

Rishabh Miglani

Solutions Manager, SplashBI

Rishabh Miglani is a SplashBI Solutions Account Manager, he is a techie by heart and loves solving Data problems. He has extensive experience in working with customers to resolve their reporting and analytics needs for Oracle Applications. Rishabh has also worked with several Big data projects in the past and has helped many customers put in place reporting and analytics strategies based on industry-recommended best practices.

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