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People Analytics Solutions | People Analytics Platform | SplashBI 1

Get a Head Start With Pre-Defined Industry Standard People Analytics

with 500+ KPIs across 25 dashboards.

People Analytics Solutions | People Analytics Platform | SplashBI 2

What does turnover cost your organization?

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What sets us apart


Get a head start with pre-defined industry standard people analytics

SplashHR offers 500+ pre-defined people KPIs arranged across 25 dashboards including employee retention, recruitment, learning, performance, diversity and absenteeism.

Roll out analytics quickly

Get results faster using SplashHR’s automatic data connectors. There’s no need to worry about field mappings and data transformation.

Build metrics and visualizations using any data source

SplashHR is powered by SplashBI, a full featured BI platform. Any of the pre-defined KPIs and dashboards can be extended using any data source, including culture and engagement surveys, employee recognition, finance and more.

Get the best customer service

We’ve been in the business of human capital reporting and analytics for almost 20 years. During this time, we’ve built many long-term customer relationships due to excellent customer service.
Recruitment Insights

Measure performance across the board.

Recruitment analytics provide a look at the performance of every aspect of your recruiting process, people and vendors.

  • Quality of hire
  • Candidate experience
  • Pipeline efficiency, time-to-fill
  • Performance of recruiters, hiring managers and candidate sources
  • Diversity and fairness of the recruiting process
People Analytics

SplashHR People Analytics Rocks.

SplashHR people analytics monitor overall organizational health for every leader, job type, department and location. It includes key human capital analytics across all aspects of the employee experience.

  • Headcount & turnover
  • Absenteeism
  • Employee performance
  • Compensation & pay for performance
  • Employee replacement cost
Predictive & AI

Be proactive instead of reactive.

Predictive analytics let you fix problems before they happen. In addition to knowing what is likely to happen, predictive analytics tell you why it’s likely to happen, allowing effective intervention.

  • Predictive employee exit risk
  • Absenteeism forecasts
  • Predictive quality-of-hire
  • Machine learning guided career path & succession plans

Recruit best-fit

Get value quickly with
predefined content

Assess diversity and
find hidden bias

Measure performance
across the board

Determine your
flight risk

Get the right solution
for your needs.

We have a huge need to future proof our reporting and utilize data from other sources. SplashBI has allowed us to not only do that, but look at our data in a more analytical way.

Claire ReeveNorfolk County Government

Not much to say here. If you need a BI tool, you will do you yourself a disfavor by not taking a serious look at SplashBI. I have found SplashBI easier and faster to use at every level: installation, configuration, set-up, administration, and end user.

Bob HerifordSolutions4Less

We looked at several different products before purchasing SplashBI. Ultimately SplashBI had the right combination of features, price, Linux support, and out of the box content.

Veer SurapaneniEnervest

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