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People Analytics: Future Proof Strategies in an Uncertain Market

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People Analytics: Future Proof Strategies in an Uncertain Market

People Analytics is certainly one of the hottest topics up & down the halls of many HR departments. And justifiably so, with all the challenges HR & Executives are currently facing. As we enter 2021, we are in a K-shape recovery with many organizations in survival mode whilst others are poised for growth. Regardless of which camp you fall into, both have tons of questions with regards to navigating this year and beyond. As such, many are turning to People Analytics & BI for the answers.

In this Keynote Session, Steven & Marc will discuss various People Analytics Strategies, Techniques & Real-World practices that will help any organization take on the challenges ahead. How can HR utilize the right data insights to help the organization thrive for years to come? Join us to find out!

– How can HR help their organization can quickly bounce back post-pandemic?

– What are the various people analytics strategies HR should consider?

– Tips for faster ROI & Business Benefit.

This session will explore:

  • The K-Shape Recovery – what does it mean for your organization?
  • Defining Your Business Objectives / Goals HR for 2021
  • How can People Analytics make a Positive Business Impact for HR / the various HR Functions?
  • A close look at some of the various People Analytics Strategies?
  • Choosing your path.

What you’ll learn – key takeaways:

  • Understanding / Focus on a successful 2021
  • Blue Print / Framework of the supporting Workforce Analytics necessary for positive business outcomes.
  • Deciding the right Workforce Analytics Strategy that fits your objectives.

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Wednesday, 26 April, 2023
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