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Part 3 - Accelerating CSRD Readiness: Navigating the Path to Compliance and Excellence in Workforce Reporting

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Why you should attend?

Join us for the third installment of our webinar series, where we’ll explore advanced strategies to bridge the readiness gap for the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), with a special focus on ESRS 1 concerning workforce reporting. This session will provide critical insights into the state of preparedness across industries, revealing key challenges and opportunities identified in Baker Tilly’s extensive research. Learn how to transition from traditional data collection methods to more robust, automated systems to enhance accuracy and efficiency in reporting. Discover best practices in organizational ESG strategy alignment, materiality assessment, and the essential steps to ensure your reporting system is CSRD-compliant. Gain valuable knowledge from experts on navigating the complexities of CSRD, enhancing your company’s sustainability profile, and turning compliance into a competitive advantage.

This session aims to equip HR professionals and sustainability officers with the necessary tools and insights to not only meet the CSRD requirements but to set a benchmark in workforce sustainability reporting.

By attending, you’ll be better prepared to transform your company’s approach to ESG reporting, leveraging it as a strategic asset for transparency, stakeholder engagement, and sustainable growth.

Our Speakers

Part 3 - Accelerating CSRD Readiness 1

Brianne Minnich

HCM Solutions Director, SplashBI

Part 3 - Accelerating CSRD Readiness 2

Hellen Eadie


Part 3 - Accelerating CSRD Readiness 3

Christina Crowley

Channel Partner Sales Manager, SplashBI