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Content Studio - Prebuilt Analytcs

Leverage the power of out-of-the-box pre-built analytics and reports with SplashBI.

Most BI providers simply provide a platform. Organizations that want instant insights into their data must undergo complex and costly implementations with these vendors. Not us.

SplashBI is more than just a BI platform. We provide out-of-the-box pre-built reports and dashboards across applications from within our Content Studio. It gets you off the ground instantly, delivering actionable insights derived from your data; leveraging our pre-built data models.

Irrespective of your role (executive, sales, marketing, HR etc.) or domain (healthcare, financials, manufacturing etc.), SplashBI can FastTrack your data strategy.

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Oracle reporting
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Oracle E-Business Suite

SplashBI offers 1300+ out-of-the-box reports across 800 views from 30 modules. Furthermore, an increasing number of dashboards are also available in the Content Studio.

  • HCM
  • Financials
  • Projects
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • CRM

We also offer reports on Asset Management, Service Management and Administration. For powerful analysis users can also edit and perform ad hoc modifications to any report or dashboard.

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Google Analytics

Not sure how is your website performing? This dashboard gives you detailed insights on some of the important metrics.

Monitor your campaigns in real time, keep an eye on different KPIs, lookout for most performing keywords, and have readily available answers for all the questions before you make the decision.

Set out an expected traffic growth rate (the right traffic) and monitor your goals.

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Marketing Automation - Marketo

Know how your Marketo campaigns are contributing to the organization’s bottom line by visualizing all your marketing automation data with our pre build dashboards and reports.

Have detailed insights for email activities, top performing campaigns, leads, and lead activities without any delay. From knowing from which part of the world your leads are coming in, to which lead sources are yielding fruits, have a detailed holistic picture of your Marketo account.

With these centralized insights, you can take advantage instantly and rectify what needs to be improved.

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Leveraging SplashBI to get valuable actionable insights into your sales performance, accounts, opportunities, prospects, and much more. Don’t allow opportunities to fall through the gap. Analyze crucial data points to monitor real time progress of your sales reps, channels, services, etc.

With SplashBI’s advanced data modeling techniques:

  • Use snapshots to analyze historical trends
  • Simplify cross-object and cross application reporting
  • Multi-level drill down to the most basic data point
  • Utilize 100+ visualizations
  • Collaborate, Share and Secure
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