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SplashBI Excel Reporting

Microsoft Excel, Meet SplashBI

When we talk about Excel, chances are we are more or less talking about spreadsheets rather than a reporting tool. Excel was designed to be a data manipulation tool. However, because of the ambiguity around it, people and companies have looked at it beyond the numbers. The moment people started putting multiple measures in an Excel spreadsheet, they understood that they could use it to create more than just a simple report.

SplashBI provides a Microsoft Excel add-in as an included addition to your BI suite. Excel Connect offers a user-friendly front-end for transactional reporting within Microsoft Excel that is simple to install and requires no maintenance from IT Staff.

Excel Connect is an Excel reporting tool within SplashBI suite, which provides users with the ability to run reports, ad hoc where needed, and refresh time after time while retaining all formats, graphs, pivots, and formulas, perfect for creating dashboards in excel. SplashBI provides this reporting tool within its BI suite, unlike most other Excel reporting tools.

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