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Better Pipeline Visibility

Faster Close Rate

More Time to Be Strategic

Salesforce® Users Sell Smarter and Close Quicker with SplashBI

Pipeline Analysis & Management
Sales Reports and Metrics
Pre-Configured KPIs

How SplashBI works with Salesforce®

Salesforce® reporting just got a lot easier. SplashBI paired with Salesforce® helps you to visualize your Salesforce® data, understand what areas need improvement, and use these data insights to make necessary changes.

SplashBI connects to other systems including Marketing, Finance, and HR to give your users the most impactful and accurate insights into your organization as possible.

  • Discover the true cost of an opportunity by connecting to Marketing Data
  • Track from contact to cash by connecting to Marketing and Finance Data
  • Track the impact of every dollar made or spent by connecting to Finance Data
  • Correlate employee performance to employee engagement by connecting to HR Data
Learn More About SplashBI Connectors
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Next level salesforce® reporting. 100+ pre-built reports, charts, and dashboards are included to get you started, eliminating the need for consultants in most situations.

  • KPI’s and Metrics built just for Sales
  • Health of your Pipeline/Funnel
  • The Real Forecast, Not your Sales Gut
  • Revenue Target by Month / Quarter / Year
  • Win rates by Rep, Products
  • Activities by Rep/Type
  • Strongest / Weakest Goals/ Attainment
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Drill all of the way down to the roots of your Salesforce® data from any chart, report, or dashboard to get the deepest level of insights for true data-driven decisions.

Learn More About Multi-Level Drill Downs
  • Set up your dashboards to allow various drill down functions in one single landscape
  • Associate two charts to drill from one visual to another
  • Link a chart to a separate dashboard
  • Drill a particular data set, or an entire chart, into an HTML report
  • Create a path from a chart to an outside URL to enhance how you analyze your data
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As we were taught in history class, learning from the past allows us to make better decisions and lead ourselves to a better place. SplashBI’s innovative historical comparisons feature allows you to learn from successes and failures and make confident decisions for the future.

  • Snapshot data captures every moment and helps users compare trends.
  • Stack your current performance against any previous time range of data.
  • Drill into old data to gain key insights from the past.
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Make SplashBI do the work for you!  Setup your reports to automatically run on a specified schedule to view the data at your convenience.  Combine that schedule with customized distribution lists to share that report with your team!

Schedule intervals ranging from hourly submissions to months, or even yearly
Advanced Scheduler allows you to specify days of the week, specific dates, and more.
Distribute reports to individual SplashBI users, or to user groups
Include FTP sites or local File Share Systems to upload your reports internally

Learn More About Scheduling & Distribution
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