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News Highlights of SplashBI Over the Past Few Months!

News Highlights of SplashBI Over the Past Few Months!

We’re in the News!

 We’ve had some fantastic highlights over the past few months. And although there have been lots going on here, following our attendance at UNLEASH Vegas back in May, the spotlight has been on all things HR. From employee engagement to analytics, we haven’t stopped talking about data! Looking at what hidden secrets employee and organizational data can uncover, our recent articles have explored the reasons why data is the key to business success which HR teams and organizations need to start considering.

Take a look at some of the coverage highlights from the past few months: – How can existing employees help an organization in the pursuit of new talent?

 “It’s time for businesses to take a step back and look for help from their largest assets: their employees.” – Kiran Reddy Pasham, Co-Founder, President and Chief Architect at SplashBI

The Global Recruiter – Figuring for success 

 “People analytics strategies allow departments to align measurable goals with business goals, provide actionable analytics to the right roles, suggest actions to improve the future, measure the impact of these actions, and report outcomes to the business.” – Brad Winsor, VP Workforce Analytics at SplashBI

Global Banking & Finance Review – Solving the BI question: Organizations need answers

 “Without the right mentality, and without asking the right questions, a BI tool is not enough. It’s time for organizations to take control of their data by asking the right questions and generating the insights needed to keep the business moving forward.” – Naveen Miglani, CEO and Co-Founder at SplashBI

Training Industry – Harnessing employee engagement 

 “Building a strong workforce starts with taking the focus off the disengaged employees, who are taking too much convincing to stay, and instead focusing on engaged employees, who hold the key to a plethora of business benefits.” – Kiran Reddy Pasham, Co- Founder, President and Chief Architect at SplashBI

Employee Benefits – How can employers use total reward to align staff with business goals?

“[It should not be] just managers saying ‘nice job today’, but peers recognizing each other specifically for exemplifying a core value. Being recognized is important, but actually recognizing is more important to engage employees.” – Brad Winsor, VP of Analytics at SplashBI

So, there’s our first roundup of news. As always, we’ve got some exciting new content coming up, so watch this space!