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SplashBI Unveils XL Connect For Oracle Fusion Cloud, A Game Changer For Real-Time Reporting

SplashBI Unveils XL Connect for Oracle Fusion Cloud, a Game Changer for Real-Time Reporting

Duluth, GA {22nd August} — SplashBI, a pioneer in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, today unveils XL Connect, a revolutionary product designed to significantly improve efficiency and speed in Oracle Fusion Cloud data reporting. Aiming to simplify data analysis, XL Connect enables users to create and customize secure real-time reports directly within Excel.

“Our objective is to deliver solutions that drive efficiency and make reporting easier,” stated Kiran Pasham, Co-founder, and President of SplashBI. “Most of the time, users run a report and export it to Excel. With XL Connect, users can instantly access the data they need, in real-time from Excel, allowing for faster, informed decisions. We believe this product will change the game in Oracle Fusion Cloud reporting.”

The solution’s dynamic features take Oracle Cloud reporting from ordinary to extraordinary, all within the familiar environment of Excel. XL Connect streamlines Oracle Cloud data analysis and real-time reporting across all Oracle Cloud Apps (ERP, HCM, SCM, CX, etc.) and leverages the familiarity and power of Excel for secure, real-time access to Oracle Fusion data, and fosters collaboration and innovation through its easy-to-use platform.

XL Connect truly stands out when it comes to Oracle Cloud Reporting. It provides users with an array of CORE pre-built reports spanning the HCM, Finance, and Supply Chain sectors. This is only the beginning; it also has the capability to execute customized BIP reports, initially created in Fusion.

XL Connect is transformative, redefining simplicity and control in Oracle Fusion Cloud reporting. Discover more about this groundbreaking solution at and start a free trial today.

Press Contact: Rebecca Crain, US Marketing Manager, [email protected]